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Updated 10 January 2023 from Albury.


From next week, I am traveling Japan for three months with my partner. I won't be taking on any new projects until late April. We're there in winter, so plenty of snow and onsen time. Japanese culture, language, mindset, art, and history is endlessly fascinating.

Mostly as procrastination from doing Japanese study myself, I've been working on a browser-based learning game to help you memorise the hiragana and katakana characters. Out soon.


I love film photography, but I often don't bring the entire kit traveling for space and weight reasons. For Japan, I'm trying the Ilford reusable film camera. For $50 (and at the expense of quality), it feels like an easier, nothing-can-go-wrong solution when on the move.

Leaving Sydney

I've been in Sydney since 2013 but have recently moved everything I own back home to Albury. On return from Japan, we might try Melbourne but keeping options open.