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Drinking digital lattes and building cool web things.

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I am an information designer and creative developer. My expertise spans data visualisation, graphic design, maps, and front-end development. I co‑founded Kua Coffee in 2018, worked for the Lowy Institute until December 2021, and have since gone freelance. I am ever curious, always learning, and optimistic for the future. Say hello if you'd like to collaborate!

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I grew up near the Murray River and in 2013 moved to Sydney to study a Masters in Robotic and Biomedical Engineering at UNSW.

In 2016 I studied on scholarship at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I lived with a bunch of crazy, creative, wonderful people who taught me there are many different ways to live happily.

In 2017 I spent a month with smallholder farmers and agriculture students in Uganda. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬

In 2018 some friends and I revisited Uganda and launched a coffee social enterprise, Kua. Our vision – fund climate resilience through coffee and deliver happy days for growers and drinkers.

Lots of cool things happened at Kua. Personal highs include running workshops on the circular economy and supply-chain transparency, representing πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί at a youth summit, moving into a sharehouse with our brilliant team, stacking 1T of coffee in our shed, and creating a band to play at our own house parties.

In November 2019, my final year of uni, I cycled around Taiwan on a pushbike.

In 2020 I jumped into something new. Two years in the startup space was fun and an enormous learning experience, but I got hooked on information design. Communication and misinformation are epic problems, and this was a way to cut through the noise and help make truth-telling go viral (and be fun).

My first major gig was at the Lowy Institute, an international policy think-tank, where I designed and developed web interactives, maps, and infographics to communicate our research. Some of these gathered hundreds of thousands of views and were reported on in the ABC, SMH, AFR, Axios, et al.

While working, I've always found time for passion projects. Like a dashboard of every country's climate strike, an interactive version of a government inquiry into koala populations, and a random text generator that uses only Bob Dylan lyrics.

I am continually looking for the crossroads of fun and impact and to work with great people to tackle big issues. Say hello if you'd like to collaborate.

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