iPhone Photo Management

A routine to manage and sort your iPhone media, avoid the chaos, and save on storage.

Once per month, I do the following routine. If you're constantly being asked to upgrade your iCloud storage or struggling to find specific photos, it might help you too.

  1. Open the screenshots album on iPhone and delete everything you don't still need.
  2. Connect iPhone to Macbook via USB
  3. Open the Image Capture app on Mac and download all items to a new folder.
  4. Do a quick pass over all media and unscrupulously delete everything unimportant or of poor quality. For multiple photos/videos of the same thing, pick one and delete all the rest.
  5. Do a second pass, making folders as you go to categorise files. How you do this will depend on your circumstances and preferences, but you might make folders for different trips or themes, separating nature shots from friends and family, for instance.
  6. Upload all categorised and labelled media to the cloud. I use Google Drive because it's easy to organise, share, and access with any device.
  7. Delete all photos from your iPhone using this method.
  8. Repeat next month.